Andrea Devaux

1. No Such Thing As Off the Record — Media training & film production, public speaking coach & image consultant, directing, script supervising, free lance film production.

2. ACN, Independent Representative—Telecommunications & Energy. ACN & XOOM energy: providing an alternative for your residential and business phone, mobile, internet, alarm services, satellite television & energy needs. XOOM energy offers gas services for your home or business resulting in a zero carbon footprint. Rep I.D. # 0616008

Website 1:  www.nosuchthingasofftherecord.com

Website 2:  http://acninc.com/services

Email:         andrea.devaux@yahoo.com

Mobile:      415-786-6209

Address:    557 S. Eliseo Drive, #5, Greenbrae, CA 94904

Member since 2010

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