Cristina Olsen, PhD, CPCC

1. SoulWork for a More Vibrant Life:  ignites creativity in the workplace to make more self-empowering choices during crucial professional crossroads in life, and to attain clarity and courage during stressful times.

2. PhotoPoetry for the Soul’s Sustenance:  Workshops use photography and poetry to release untapped creativity and re-ignite passion for your life’s work.

‘A New Direction’ is the umbrella for two coaching programs. Take a new direction: SoulWork for a more vibrant life.

With graduate degrees in Anthropology, Psychology and Spirituality, and Co-Active Coaching, Jungian Analysis, Shamatha Tibetan Buddhist meditation, and years of teaching university-level spiritual practices, I offer grounded and sensible approaches to help you explore and bring to fruition the untapped riches of your soul life.  There is a way to honor the needs of the soul in a world of action, in the midst of daily multiple responsibilities.  A well-nurtured soul will inspire and empower you to even greater success in your life.  I coach in person, over the phone, and with Skype, and I offer free sample sessions, as well as reduced fee options for students.
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