Sally Bonkrude

Sally Bonkrude

SallyB Speaks! Public Speaking Coach. 

Using innovative techniques to develop and deliver one-of-a-kind presentations that bring out your individuality to shine, building your unique brand. Sally offers a complimentary 30 minute session to all “NEW of Marin” members.

She guides you in ways to “do things different” when speaking. Her “formula free speaking” concepts embrace authenticity, positive audience interaction and a special touch of humor and spice to make any topic special… leading to more business success!

Sally Bonkrude has been a national performer, presenter and professional speaker for over 30 years …and an entrepreneur since she was 5.

Please join Sally at her free weekly speakers meet up.  Practice, Feedback and Tips! Call for details.


address: 450 Sherwood Dr, apt 203, Sausalito, CA 94965

phone-office: 303-717-9580

phone-cell: 303-717-9580

Twitter: @SallyBonkrude


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