Tracy Ann Tighe

Representative, Glitz n Glamour, Jewelry Style & Gift Concierge. Where passion meets purpose! I throw parties with and for women who love to feel amazing in beautiful crystal jewelry that’s been helping women get their sparkle on since 1895. I also sell independently through my website!

phone: (Work) 707-738-4787 / (Home) 707-254-8556
If you’re like me, you fell in love with Touchstone Crystal’s jewelry line the first time you saw it. The only problem – wanting more of them than your budget will allow! I have an easy solution – host a Touchstone Crystal Party with me. It’s easy, fun and incredibly rewarding. You invite your friends and provide a few simple refreshments, I do all the rest. Most of my hosts receive an average of $300 of their favorite jewels absolutely free. Orders can be shipped directly to each customer so there is nothing for you to deliver. 
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