April Blake

Stress Reduction Specialist

Quantum Biofeedback & Light Therapy & Massage


Quantum Biofeedback and Polychromatic Light Therapy, along with guided energy techniques, support the body’s energy systems to re-integrate on every level. Advanced energy medicine activates the body’s innate intelligence at a cellular level to heal itself. Designed to release stress, pain, clear energy blocks and support your body to return to your natural state of equanimity, homeostasis and accelerate the potential for healing. The combination of therapies offers potential for new growth and the clearing of emotions that block vitality, well-being, and happiness.

Website: https://aprilblakebiofeedback.com/

Business #2: Certified Grief Educator and Coach

Support for grief and loss


As a Certified Grief Educator and Coach, I am committed to providing the highest level of grief support through education, experience, and insights into the often-unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief. Grief and loss have been the underlying theme of my life experience from a very young age. Hence, I have devoted much of my life to study and learn from experts in the field of death, dying, spiritual growth and healing. Through this journey, I have found a deeper meaning and peace with life on its own terms, learning to embrace every aspect of life and death. It is with deep gratitude that I offer this service to others.

Website: https://aprilblakebiofeedback.com/
Email: aprilblake88@gmail.com
Phone: 415-250-4681

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