Dr. Doris Bersing

1. Geriatric Consultant and Eldercare Specialist – Empowering, Mentoring and Transforming people’s lives. Helping elders know what is next in terms of aging well, Doris can design a roadmap to make that possible. As a geriatric consultant, she works with aging individuals and their families to understand options and resources. Growing older is not an option, but staying engaged is. As a feminist and geriatric psychologist, Doris empowers seniors, elders and women to lead purposeful and meaningful lives.

2. Motivational Speaker – Doris Bersing speaks passionately about the intersection of feminism and ageism, as well as long term care options, to graduate students, providers, and caregivers. Her presentations are knowledgeable, charismatic and powerful.

email:    drbersing@dorisbersing.com

office:    866-625-1416

mobile:  415-314-7147

email:    www.dorisbersing.com 




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