Dr. Vera-Aida Amore

Dr. Amore is a holistic sexuality coach with a genuine enthusiasm for empowering women to reinvent their sex life, awaken their orgasmic pleasure, and create delicious lovemaking experiences with their partners.

email:  iamamore1@gmail.com

She speaks 5 languages. But her favorite is translating misunderstandings between couples so they can understand and enhance each other’s desires… and expand their sense of what is possible when they decide to go to a whole new level in their partnership.
Her speciality: Guiding women and couples in long-term, committed relationship to go from a near-extinct sex life, to a true sexual renaissance based in love, friendship, pleasure, playfulness, and romance.
And for those who aspire to merge their sexuality and spirituality… she offers training in advanced Tantric, Taoist, and Egyptian Sex Magic.
member since 2017