Jeniffer Legge

This Nourished Life ~ Body Code Healing & Transformational Coaching.

I help clients understand and release patterns and habits which have a negative impact on their lives ~ physically, emotionally and mentally. I work with clients all over the world by phone, email proxy or Skype.

Clients have experienced immediate shifts, such as alleviation of physical injury; eradication of anxiety, depression, panic, allergies, or emotional hardships; releasing blocks to finding love; losing weight and eliminating destructive habits to experience a measurable increase in immune function, energy, joy and noted differences in their outside world experiences. I work with men and women from newborn to nineties, and animals.

I feel a particular kinship with animals and find it so very rewarding to work with them, especially when I hear feedback of alleviated physical issues and injuries, relief of sudden behavioral or mood changes, more responsiveness, an increase in energy, more connection with their owners, and an expression of more joy and higher wellbeing. It’s a beautiful gift all the way around for everyone!

You can read more about this offering on my website, and check out my testimonials page to read what animal owners had to say about the sessions I have shared with their beloved (furry) family members.



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