Julianne McGowan

Julianne McGowan, BA, CCE 

1. Path to Purpose Life & Love Coaching. I am a certified Life & Love Coach supporting and empowering single women in attracting love and a soulful relationship. My approach is working Inside – Out to show up as the best version of yourself in creating and attracting the “right” partner for you. I offer 1:1 sessions via phone, zoom or my home office. I will guide you through a serious of exercises, meditations, visualizations and action steps with support and empowerment so you can get closer to what you want in your love life.

2. Groom Dog Spaw. I am the Founder and Owner of a successful Dog Grooming Salon in SF. I have a team of talented and compassionate Groomers who will love and care for your dogs during their grooming experience.

Julianne McGowan earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Sociology at University of California at Santa Barbara. She received a Life Coach Certification from The Health Institution and completed the Holistic MBA program, as well as the Transformational Coaching Method certification to further her education and commitment to serving others. She lives in Sausalito with her husband Jeff and dog, Ruby Rose. Julianne works at Kelleher-International Matchmaking, helping people find the right partner.  When not matchmaking or coaching, she is pampering dogs at her other business, Groom Dog Spaw. She also enjoys the beach, wine tasting, hiking, paddle boarding in Sausalito and continuing her journey of enriching personal development and meditation practices. 

Website: www.pathtopurposelovecoach.com

Email:  julianne@pathtopurposelovecoach.com

Website: www.groomdogspaw.com
Phone: (408) 806-4277

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