Julie Neustadter

1. Flavor Me Healthy – Saladmaster  — Nutritional Education

Julie will teach you how to make healthy meals without oils, using a premium non-toxic cookware technology that will help you cook your food twice as fast while retaining more nutrition and more flavor than traditional cookware.

In your interactive workshop you will receive an abundance of useful and interesting nutrition information. You will laugh, have fun and be amazed by how quick, easy and delicious food prep, healthy eating and clean up can be with this technology.  Saladmaster customers repeatedly report a boost of energy, improved digestion, weight loss and reduced inflammation after using the cookware.
Phone:    415-717-3578


2. Biodanza with Julie — Certified Biodanza Professor

Biodanza classes are a therapeutic group practice of personal growth that promotes health, well being, joy and relaxation through self expressive dances and specific group movement exercises that are induced by the rhythm and melody of inspiring music. Like chocolate, Biodanza can’t be described, it needs to be tasted! So join us and give it a try!

Biodanza works as an anti-stress therapy, helping to regulate sleep and blood pressure.  It gives participants a feeling of expanded vital life force energy, and helps develop the ability to self-regulate, balancing action and rest, and strengthening the individuals immune system. Biodanza returns us to our natural divine essence and reinforces self-esteem, acting as a natural antidepressant.  It improves relationships with others, and reinforces a confidence in personal self-expression. It’s easy, fun, and will leave you feeling happy, energized and fully alive.

Website:  https://www.biodanzajulie.com/

Email:  biodanzajulie@gmail.com

Phone:   415-717-3578

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