Katie Macks

CEO, Get Your Glow On, Katie Macks Consulting. Get Your Glow On, offers workshops and training for women and men who are ready to move beyond their stories and conditioning to liberation. By focusing on the most important relationship – the one you have with yourself – you will rediscover new levels of intimacy in all of your relationships and the freedom to create a truly rich life beyond what you imagine.

Email:   katie@katiemacks.com

Address 734 Gilman Street, Berkeley CA 94710

phone: office 510-847-9757 / mobile 510-847-9757


Get Your Glow On engages and ignites growth-oriented individuals to live authentic and energy rich lives, claiming LIBERATION for all of humanity through love and connection. After 30 years in the human potential movement, Katie has has learned from and trained with the masters and has now developed tools, practices and behaviors that are not taught anywhere else. Katie offers a bright light and new language to identify and reveal blind spots that trip us up and keep us in familiar cycles of pain and dysfunction. Katie’s secret sauce is love and dedication to her clients. She creates a deep level of trust and journey’s with them into their awakening, creating an accountable and liberated life where everything changes from ordinary to extraordinary

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