Larissa Weingart

EmpowerU Performance | Pivot Advocate

Serving youth athletes and teams

In 2021 Larissa received her MA in Sport Psychology with the determination to start her own consulting business helping athletes and teams enhance their performances. She teaches athletes mental skills techniques, as well as provide the support they need to deal with pressure. Covid interrupted that process so she got involved with an established relationship coaching business called Pivot, now she loves doing both. Helping her community, youth athletes, and her clients is what she was meant to do.

Larissa began working with Pivot to supplement her desire to run EmpowerU Performance. Turned out that Pivot was the perfect compliment to her work as a mental skills coach. Pivot is a curriculum science based program that helps people find better ways to relate to others, find ways to better self regulate and understand themselves, while developing more acceptance and value for themselves.

Phone:    415-250-6347

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