Kim Peirano, LAc

Owner of Lion’s Heart, offering Intuitive Acupuncture based in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Cosmetic Acupuncture and Permanent Makeup for Brows, including Microblading, Ombre Shading, Tattoo Corrections and Removal.


Address: 503 D St., Suite 1, San Rafael CA 94901

Phone – Office: 415-366-6708




An Acupuncturist since 2010 and a fine artist since age 15, Kim has a keen eye for truly seeing your whole picture. Her Intuitive Acupuncture treatments utilize her acute abilities to read your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space to provide a treatment based on accessing the root cause of the problem you are seeking help with. She treats patients for all ailments and illnesses, but finds she often sees many patients for Pain Management, Stress Management, Paralysis Recovery – Bell’s Palsy, Navigating Big Life Changes and Spiritual Growth. Her additional specialty is Cosmetic Acupuncture, another term would be an ‘acupuncture facelift’, her treatments have been custom crafted over her entire career and supplemental education to provide a treatment that is not just fluff, but produces true, noticeable results.  Kim’s Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments include full body Intuitive Acupuncture, targeted Facial Acupuncture, Micro-Current and LED Therapy.

As a Permanent Makeup Artist, Kim employs the highest of standards for a studio and as an Artist. Lion’s Heart is fully permitted with the Health Department and Kim is a member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and has over 100 Hours of Permanent Makeup Training with Daria Chuprys and Kim White in Beverly Hills, CA. Kim’s background and degree in Fine Arts melds with this discipline perfectly, she utilizes keen color theory awareness and her aesthetic and ability to create a brow shape that highlights your natural beauty. Kim creates truly timeless brows that not only look great immediately but heal and age well over time. Kim is also trained in small tattoo removal with saline and color theory for tattoo corrections, so in addition to creating beautiful new brows, she can also help remedy an old brow tattoo that’s now undesirable.

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