Laura Geranen

Partner, North Bay Candleworks.
North Bay Candleworks candles are hand-poured, one batch at a time. We only use soy-based wax and 100% cotton lead-free wicks.
North Bay Candleworks grew out of a hobby from childhood. Influenced by his mother’s love for crafts, Doug started pouring candles at the age of 10 with her assistance. He has made candles throughout his life, giving them as gifts to family and friends. As a Registered Nurse in the emergency department, Doug has used his passion for making candles as a form of relaxation. With love of his candles from co-workers and friends, his hobby has grown into a business which we call North Bay Candleworks, based in San Rafael, California.
Phone:     (415) 640-4687
Address:  767 Lincoln Ave., Suite 12, San Rafael, CA 94901
Member since 2021