Lori Greer


I am a licensed real estate agent. I provide conscious, compassionate service to people looking to buy or sell real estate in Marin.

Building relationships is my number one priority as a real estate professional. I bring to my clients, a unique skillset that includes always telling them the truth, acting in integrity with all parties, and providing clear communication to develop trust, building strong relationships that go beyond the sale. With warmth and compassion, and a breadth of experience in the real estate business, I endeavor to exceed my clients expectations through active listening, focus and enthusiasm for helping them to achieve their real estate goals, and manifest their vision for home. I am joyful in my work, knowing I am here to serve!

Business 2: Spiritual Coach

Using spiritual tools, I support others in their discovery of hidden beliefs that have created undesirable conditions. We are empowered!

Everything in Life works together for good. Each of us is invited to experience a happier, more fulfilling Life, if we are willing to be open and receptive. Using “spiritual technology,” I provide counsel and support for others who want to discover how the laws work, and how to use them to create a happier, more fulfilling life, whether it be in business, relationships, health or finances.

Uncovering deeply-rooted beliefs accumulated over a lifetime, we learn to see how those have contributed to difficulty or challenges in our current experience of life. Discovering how life got to be the way it is, we are empowered to change the old beliefs, create new ones, and begin to live in the joy and freedom that is our natural state.

Phone: 415-912-7774

Address: 926A Diablo Ave. #419, Novato, CA 94947


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