Maria Niki

Painting w/ Awareness | Consulting: Color Consultant for Homes | Clairvoyant.
The three things most important to me not only in teaching, but also in life are, integrity, awareness and vision. All the rest spins off these three.

I use a hands on approach, not talking about, but inspire and stimulate actual experiences that are unique and specific to the individual. A Healer facilitates changes in others, while a Teacher facilitates others in causing the changes themselves.
Creative process is a lot like living life itself—it involves experiments and risk taking—one has to be willing to perceive and experience new things, in order to have a full and satisfying life. Full in a sense that you are a creator, you have total freedom, especially in creating abstract imagery, where you are able to transcend the already existing realms.
This, or any change can be hard to experience.The idea of integration to me means to bridge the gap between the abilities and actual manifestations of Spirit and Body as Creators. Integration in this sense can be rephrased as alignment, or communication, where both Essence/Spirit and Form/Body are recognized.
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