Maria Quintana-Pilling

Owner, Urbanspice Nutrition, Holistic Women’s Health and Digestive Solutions.

I work with women who are struggling with a range of women’s health or digestive issues that leave them feeling frustrated, helpless and like their body is the enemy.

Together we work to regain their vitality, live pain-free and feel beautiful and at home in their bodies. I am particularly adept at bringing gut and hormone related imbalances into balance based on my own experience with fibroids and bringing my digestive and endocrine systems into balance. I work with each woman individually to find the root of her problem. I use hair mineral analysis, comprehensive blood work, saliva tests, and food journals to devise a plan for her. When women work with me, they shift their belief that they are powerless and that their body is the enemy into a powerful knowingness and connection to their body that leaves them with renewed vitality, freedom from pain and a way to feel beautiful and at home in their body.


Phone:    415-419-6934

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