Melanie Vetter

Wellfleet Circle — Business type Legacy Coaching and Health Advocacy. Through supported guided writing, interviews and coaching, I help my clients capture and share precious wisdom, stories, values and passions.

Services include Coaching and guided writing for Legacy Letters and Books, Legacy and Philanthropy Plans (including Expressions of Donor Intent Letters and Letters to Trustees), Memoir, Stories and Guided Autobiography, Advanced Directives and Living Wills and Coaching on Health and Wellness and Patient Empowerment.

The goal is for the client to shape and share their personal legacy and claim the meaning and purpose in their life. Through coaching and carefully chosen resources, I help my clients find clarity about their health values and empower them to have better control over their health and health care. The goal is enhanced vitality and independence.

Office:        415-608-6508
Address:    419 Crown Road, Kentfield, CA 94904

Member since 2015