Michelle Moquin

I am a Personal Style Consultant who helps women and men discover, define, and refine their unique style. Staying up with the fashion trends is secondary to dressing right for your Body-Type and feeling great in the skin you’re in.

Imagine being so thrilled with your look that in every social interaction you have, from mingling at a cocktail party to making a presentation, you feel confident and at the top of your game. I’ll guide you on how to dress to show off your best features wherever you go, because if you’re not getting your point across, or even given the time of day, it could be because your outfit says you’re just not all that.

 Are you so confused or unhappy with your clothes that you…
• wake up in the morning dreading getting dressed?
• stare at a jam packed closet but feel like you have nothing to wear?
• spend over an hour or more deciding what to wear?
• leave your house frustrated, wearing an outfit your don’t love?
• feel so embarrassed to meet people, it ruins your day?
Work with me and your worries are over. Personal Stylists – they’re not just for the rich and famous anymore.  Everyone can have great style with a little help.

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