Nicola Walker

Owner, Nicola Walker Coaching. Success Without Stress. Inner freedom coach, hypnotherapist (for 20 years) and creator of intuitive methodologies for daily use. I help entrepreneurs and professionals who are stressed and out of balance get free of the fears and patterns that block ease and flow. Result: You confidently create what you want and experience a lot more joy in your life!


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Where are you having difficulty creating what you want? Some of the areas I work with are overworking, poor work/life balance, overcoming fears, making decisions, deepening confidence and empowerment. You get free of what is blocking you and increase ease, flow and success without stress. I believe joy is an important ingredient of success.

One Hour Initial Success Without Stress Session $49 ($220 value) – dive into the heart of what you want and what gets in your way so you can create more ease and flow in your success.

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