Nicola Walker

Owner, Nicola Walker Coaching. As an inner freedom coach and hypnotherapist for 20 years, I work with women who want to live their bigger purpose and sometimes feel like they’re not enough. I support you to heal and transform core wounds and patterns that get in the way of living your vision, and to trust yourself and your intuition. You get to fully embrace who you are and follow through with confidence to flourish and thrive with your gifts.


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I invite you to sign up for a free one hour “Live Your Bigger Vision” Discovery Session. You will:

  • Get clarity and a fresh sense of possibility around your vision and the bigger purpose that calls you
  • Gain deeper understanding into what gets in the way of you living your vision and trusting yourself and your intuition
  • Receive a pivotal, transformational next step to take you closer to living the life you envision as you flourish and thrive with your gifts

Please contact me via email to schedule your session.

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