Shannon Warto

Singer/Songwriter and Children’s Book Author.

Shannon has been singing for over 15 years. In 2017, Shannon published her first children’s book, “Hurley the Hippo”.

Although her main focus has been in traditional Celtic music, Shannon also loves to sing jazz, folk, country, pop, bluegrass, and more recently EDM (electronic dance music).

In addition to singing cover songs, Shannon has also written her own material. In 2006 Shannon co-produced her first CD under her former name Shannon Miller with the band Sweetfire. This CD features traditional Irish music and can be found on ITunes and CDbaby. On March 16, 2015, Shannon released her first EDM single – The Moment – where she wrote the melody and lyrics, and SpekrFreks provided the beats. With a keen ear and quick ability to learn new material Shannon has sung for numerous events and weddings. She is also available for studio work, and has the ability to perform new material in a limited number of takes. Shannon is always looking for new musical opportunities and is open to performing with a wide variety of musicians. Shannon is currently interested in recording opportunities, focusing on guitar practice, singing at weddings, private parties, house concerts, and other venues.

In June 2017, Shannon published her first children’s book, “Hurley the Hippo”. It’s a charming tale of a young hippo with a passion for the harp, and the lengths at which he’ll go to learn to play it, despite being discouraged by friends and family. It’s a wonderful little story about inspiration, resilience, and to “never judge a book by its cover.”

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