Xanet Pailet

The Power of Pleasure! I am a somatic based sex and intimacy coach, Tantra Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner.  I work with women, men, and couples to help empower them around their sexuality and strengthen relationship and intimacy skills.
I use a somatic and experiential approach in my coaching because it is a much more powerful way to access emotions, experiences, and learn new skills.  Having healed from a sexless marriage of over 25 years, I am passionate about helping women who are sexually disconnected. I help them reclaim their pleasure and transform their relationships and their lives.   Some of the common issues that I work with include:


  • Low libido/lack of desire
  • Problems experiencing pleasure and orgasms
  • Healing sexual trauma, pelvic pain, and sexual abuse
  • Helping couples reconnect intimately and sexually
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