Cost & Benefits

The $132 membership puts you in our membership database, providing both local and national exposure to the contacts of other NEWofMarin friends and colleagues. You can also promote your events on our NEWofMarin Facebook page, and promote your events during the monthly meetings. Learn more on our Membership Benefits page.
The only other cost is for our in-person dinner meetings, which we hope to resume in Summer 2021. Both members and guest are rewarded for early registration by registering on or before the Saturday night before the event.

“I enjoyed the dinner and meeting all the members who attended – a lovely, warm and welcoming group. I like the format with the intros and the speaker (like what I’ve seen from visits to BNI – but this was more relaxed and it felt more authentic), and the conviviality of the dinner.” – Guest, July 2021

Not sure if you’re ready to join? No problem! Attend two networking events (either online or in-person) and see for yourself the benefits membership brings.

We meet once a month on the second Tuesday of the month at Left Bank Restaurant in Larkspur.

Membership Rules of Conduct

This document sets the code of conduct expected of all members of NEWofMarin and is a condition of membership.

    1. We expect members to handle themselves with integrity and treat each other with respect.
    2. If there is an opportunity for a business relationship and either party chooses not to engage, each party is expected to treat that decision with mutual respect and discretion.
    3. Should two parties choose to do business together, they are expected to have clear and respectful communication about the services being provided and accompanying responsibilities, including payment for services, within the terms of the relationship.
    4. While other groups often limit each business category to avoid competition, we believe that nourishing and encompassing like minds of same or similar professions within NEWofMarin allows for diversity, growth, and potential collaboration.

Membership is a privilege. Should a member fail to adhere to these rules, the Board of Directors may give the offending party written notice, which may include revocation of membership.


      1. Fill out the online application
      2. Complete the credit card authorization and send to
    1. Once we have received the membership fee, you will be contacted by our Website Liaison to prepare your profile for the Member Directory and can get you started on enjoying the benefits of NEWofMarin membership.


For renewing members, please coordinate your renewal with our Membership Coordinator. If you do not initiate the renewal, she will reach out to you at the end of your 12-month membership.

Credit card authorization

If you would like to authorize NEWofMarin to process your monthly dinner fees, please complete the credit card authorization form. You can scan it or take a photo and email it to