Members have the opportunity to promote their business services and special events on our group facebook page as well as our monthly newsletter. This should eliminate the need for members to send out emails to the group (a NEWoM no-no). Read directions below to learn more. If you have questions, please contact Terra Sutton to discuss facebook, and Suzanna Gratz to discuss the newsletter! We are more than happy to help you shine!
TIP #1 –  Use jpgs
Please use an image that follows the SQUARE or SLIGHTLY HORIZONTAL image requirement. If using an image with text, please do not use small text as it may not be seen. Please understand – a printed flyer will not work. The image should be provided as a jpg (not a pdf).
TIP #2 –  Insert links
Ideally you have a fabulous website to send viewers to learn more about you, your services and your events. This could be a special page that you created specifically for a special or an event, or just your home/landing page. If the link is to the home/landing page, please be sure to have the image you are using in the ad actually on that page, for continuity and so your reader knows they are in the right place.
TIP #3 – Be succinct
If you don’t have a website, It’s imperative that you not try to overwhelm readers with your post. Use up to four sentences to let people know how to take advantage of what you are offering. You are only creating an ad, not a profile. Example
Date of the event
Start and end time of the event
1-2 sentences with details of the event
Website link and phone number


Facebook Directions

We have a closed group Facebook page where we can post our latest news, events, offers, requests, or relevant campaigns, etc. New members should request to join right on our page. A Leadership Team member will see your request and welcome you! Click on the Facebook icon to or go to

We all joined NEWofMarin to network and share our talents with the world. It would be GREAT if we could all do our part to make our facebook page active, interactive and interesting. So please like and share your fellow member’s posts. Please note: we must ask that you not inundate the group page with the same offer more than two times per week, and not more than four times a month. If you notice others spamming the site, please inform Terra Sutton so she can remind the ambitious member. 



Please provide Suzanna Gratz with your jpg image, up to four sentences and contact information by writing that information in the email to her (ie, not as a pdf attachment).

All information is placed in the newsletter consecutively – that is, if she received a complete newsletter submission on the 15th of the month, that ad will be placed closer to the top of the newsletter then anything that comes later.

The newsletter is sent on the first Saturday morning of each month.

Please note: If you provided the information early in the month, it is not a bad idea to check in with Suzanna via email to ensure she remembered your request. Also, please refrain from submitting your ads too early. We ask that you hold onto that future ad until the month before.