NEW of Marin supports the business growth of its members through networking and education. Our members inspire, praise, teach, entertain and support one another. We share wisdom and make referrals to help members grow our businesses.

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SAVE THE DATE! June 12th for “Right-Brain Living in a Left-Brain World: Exploring creative expression through movement and improvisation” with the  Founder of Unexpected Company, Marti Cate

We live in a world, especially with regards to our work environment, where logical, external, and empirical ways of thinking are both valued and dominant.  Even though body language is a powerful communication tool (which we use daily) many of us feel we have had to leave our expressive, adventurous and creative selves behind in childhood. In this informative and interactive presentation, participants are invited to explore and reconnect with the potency and discovery of non-verbal expression. You will learn how to expand your non-verbal  vocabulary, discover what you might be saying unconsciously (or unintentionally), and find new, authentic ways to convey your message… as well as how to read another’s body language more effectively. Also included will be some simple techniques to de-stress and re-vitalize in the middle of a busy day.

About Our Speaker: Marti Cate has been a professional Mime, Dancer, and Actress for 40 years. She has taught expressive arts and performed in Europe and Asia, as well as in the USA. In 1980, Marti began “Unexpected Company”, an event entertainment service through which she offers both her own skills as well as those of over 400 colleagues spanning a wide array of talents and expertise. She holds a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Performing Arts, and continues as Owner/Founder of her company.

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NEW of Marin promotes the development of female entrepreneurs and is dedicated to:

  • Maximizing women’s contribution to the local and global economy
  • Giving our members public speaking opportunities
  • Providing public acknowledgment by other members when we use each others products or services
  • Supporting local charities that help the interests of young women in our community

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