Join us each second Tuesday of the month for our networking dinner meeting at Piatti’s restaurant in Mill Valley, CA. 

JANUARY 14  @  6:00 PM

Guest Speaker
Janet Caliri, Certified Life Coach
CURIOSITY & PRODUCTIVITY ~ put your smart phone to work!

Sometimes having big plans and awesome potential doesn’t translate into the realization of those dreams and goals. We might wonder what caused the disconnect.  What stands in the way of us realizing our innate gifts?

To add to this dilemma we have become enslaved by the very technology that was intended to liberate us, taking essential time and attention away from the things that really matter.

In this informative talk, Janet will share how to take back your personal power and get connected using two things most of us already possess; curiosity and a smart phone.  With a background in leading emotional intelligence workshops as well as leadership and transformational trainings, Janet will discuss how to de-escalate stress and trauma and enhance creativity and do business from a place of calm, joy and personal power.

In this fun, thought provoking and interactive presentation, you will:

– increase productivity and vitality using a smart phone
– communicate more effectively and confidently with clients and prospects

– learn to diffuse emotional triggers, allowing you to be truly present with people in your life, business or otherwise.

 BIO:  Janet Caliri is a published author, certified life coach, professional photographer and international speaker.  Janet is also the founder of Visible Transitions, offering coaching and guided experiences that support safe self-expression while sustaining child-like wonder.


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