Our next meeting will be August 9, 2022 with guest speaker, Laura Geranen, owner of North Bay Candleworks.

Please note:  Since Covid is yet again spreading like wildfire, to ensure the safest possible experience, we are asking that all attendees take a home Covid antigen test within the hour of attending and bring a photo showing your negative result.

Candles Through the Ages


In this informative talk, Laura will lead us through the origins of candle-making, covering Ancient Egypt, The Roman Empire, China and the Qin Dynasty, to India and the Indigenous tribes of Alaska and Canada, culminating in the discovery and development of modern candle making today.

She will discuss ingredients, how they are made, best practices for longevity and ideas on how business owners can utilize these products for focused meditation, relaxation, creative thought and private label options to promote your business.

This is a not to be missed speaker!

This is a not to be missed speaker!


Laura Geranen met Doug Coomer, a Registered Nurse in the ER Dept at Kaiser in July 2018. He had a side hobby of making candles for friends and family and everyone loved them. Laura and Doug said to themselves: ”Let’s Do This!“ …and so launched their website and the candle making business in November, 2018.

North Bay Candleworks started out in a one bedroom apartment where they were using a small presto pot, growing to a warehouse in San Rafael. These days, selling at numerous farmers markets and artisan fairs, the business has grown exponentially.

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