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Speaker, Karma Raines  – Opera Singer, Vocal Teacher 


How to Speak with greater Clarity and Authority

You use the same muscles in speaking as in singing. In this informative talk the amazing Karma Raines will help you identify the mode that you normally speak in and help you gain tools for increasing your volume and clarity. The techniques she will teach you will help you speak clearly and powerfully without become hoarse and straining your voice. Her unique approach is not only based in the work she has done as a singer, but also from studying craniosacral therapy and massage so that when you speak, the power in your voice will be based in anatomy and physiology.


Bio: Karma began her career as an opera singer working with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and then went on to sing leading roles in London, UK. While in London, she studied Craniosacral therapy and massage to improve her singing.  Since moving back to the Bay Area a decade ago, she been teaching and performing in all styles including folk, hard rock, electronica, r&b, jazz and opera.
Karma teaches that the same techniques are used in speaking as in singing, and she believes that all technique should be based in anatomy and physiology.

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