April 11, 2023 Dinner Meeting at Left Bank in Larkspur

Please join us for a delicious meal and networking with other fabulous entrepreneurial women.

This months speaker is Katie Vasicek, M.A.

Quiet Your Inner Critic!

Mental fitness for a positive mindset

The thoughts, emotions, and beliefs we subconsciously absorbed in our childhood have a firm impact on our life as an adult. Even the way our parents behaved, all of their habits, good or bad, are taken up by us. Everything we learned from our childhood influences our responses as adults — in other words, our “conditioning”. Childhood conditioning, if left unchecked, can often lead to self-sabotage, causing stress and overwhelm. 

In this informative talk, life coach Katie Vasicek will discuss the importance of “mental fitness” and how we can retrain our thoughts to overcome some of the negative impacts of our conditioning (and evolution) to handle life’s challenges with a positive mindset. Katie will also teach us some simple techniques to help quiet negative thoughts and activate a positive mindset. With practice, building mental fitness will lead to better relationships, increased performance, improved wellbeing and happiness. 

Bio: Katie is a life coach specializing in parenting and mental fitness. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and a Master’s degree in Education with 20+ years of experience coaching and consulting. Katie helps her clients attain greater fulfillment, meaning, and happiness by clarifying goals, identifying obstacles, and developing strategies to create positive life changes using the Positive Intelligence mental fitness framework.

Please join us for this NOT to be missed speaker and get read to start your mental fitness journey! 


Note: Please stay home if you are experiencing ANY symptoms that might potentially be Covid.


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