Our next meeting will be July 12, 2022 with guest speaker, Kelsay Elizabeth Myers, Expressive Arts Coach & Somatic Movement Educator.

Creativity & Entrepreneurship 

Bringing Whole Self Expression Into Your Business

What does creativity mean to you?

We all have preconceived ideas and stories that we tell ourselves which allow us to live our lives. Some result in wonderful outcomes… some not so much. In business, sometimes we might have to go along with what benefits others, even when we may not agree with or believe in it. By taking the time to inquire into what our own experience is, it can have the effect of empowering, validating, and connecting us with all the parts of ourselves that want and need expression. 

Outcomes from this talk:

    • Explore and reflect on how you currently express yourself in business. 
    • Learn new ways of defining what creativity means for you
    • See your creative power and inner wisdom reveal itself personally and professionally.
This is a not to be missed speaker!


Kelsay is a professional writer, artist and registered somatic movement educator with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association. Kelsay is a force for compassionate change, helping creative individuals who want freedom from inner blocks holding them back embody resources to transform their life with soul-based expressive arts programs and courses. Currently a Ph.D student of creative inquiry and transformation at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and she brings several years of training with Tamalpa Institute in the Life/Art Process®, The Academy for Soul-based Coaching, and integrative somatic trauma therapy modalities to use all of her knowledge and skills in the offerings for her business, Dialogical Personal Healing Arts.



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