Thank you for participating in this year’s silent auction. Together we raised nearly $2,500 for women’s causes at home and abroad.

If you won auction items and want to charge your card on file, please email Andrea Lloyd at treasurer@newofmarin.com. Or you can go through the Bidding Owl site and pay via our Paypal account.

To learn more about the causes we support, please visit our GIVING BACK page. You can make additional donations by clicking on the Paypal button (or email Andrea)

Many regards,
Bara and the auction committee

Our next meeting will be June 14, 2022 with guest speaker, Rachel O’Connor, a life coach specializing in weight loss.

The Greatest Wealth Is Health: Creating a Self-Care Routine That Sticks

For many women, self-care is a loaded phrase. Intellectually, we know that self-care is something that we should practice, but often don’t. For some it may occur as another “to-do” on an already long list, whereas others might think it’s a great idea – if only they had enough time…

In this informative talkRachel will help you identify what self-care means to YOU, and why establishing a consistent self-care habit might’ve been elusive. Identifying and working through obstacles, you will learn how to create strategies that will have you create a self-care habit that sticks, and one that will have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing moving forward.

Results include:

    • Seeing the obstacles, both real and imagined, that stand in the way of your self-care
    • Identifying some things that you really desire for yourself
    • Learning tools to follow through on your self-care routine

Rachel O’Connor is a
life coach, specializing in weight loss. She coaches women who want to lose weight, but who are done with diets. Rachel helps women create their own path to weight loss, establishing sustainable habits along the way. She is committed to helping women stop the shame and blame that often goes with being overweight, so they can live their best lives with confidence and ease.



NEWofMarin supports the business growth of its members through networking and education. Our members inspire, praise, teach, entertain and support one another. We share wisdom and make referrals to help members grow our businesses. We promote the development of female entrepreneurs and is dedicated to:

    • Maximizing women’s contribution to the local and global economy
    • Giving our members public speaking opportunities
    • Providing public acknowledgment by other members when we use each others products or services
    • Supporting local charities that help the interests of young women in our community

Upcoming monthly networking dinners:

6:00pm – 8:30pm

 June 14 | July 12 | Aug 9 | Sept 13 | Oct 11 | Nov 8 (auction)| Dec 13 offsite party