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Strategies to Resolve Stress with Guest Speaker Dr. Linda Berry

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Stress comes in many forms and oftentimes during unforeseen events throughout a person’s life. There are two types of stress – short term “healthy” stress and long term, unrelenting or “unhealthy” stress. An example of healthy stress might be meeting a deadline at work. Once healthy stress passes you feel relieved and often times a little euphoric. Unhealthy stress, on the other hand, begins to wear on you. You may feel chronically fatigued, or lose interest in things that previously gave you pleasure. This unrelenting, “unhealthy” stress is often destructive and can cause the body, mind and spirit to become sick.

Most of us possess innate mechanisms for resolving stress, however many folks do not have the know-how to access these healing modalities. In this informative talk you will learn and experience how to “turn on” these inborn mechanisms to allow you to resolve stress, resulting in breakthroughs with your business and manifesting greater enjoyment.

About The Speaker:  Dr. Linda empowers you to transform stress into a mighty fuel to power your life and dreams. She knows how because at 24 years old she was paralyzed from an automobile accident. Before that Dr. Linda was a dancer, choreographer, and purple belt in Karate. She rose from her wheelchair to become a chiropractor, nutritionist, and trauma healing specialist. Dr. Linda is also the internationally renown author of the book, Internal Cleansing.


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