February 21, 2023 Dinner Meeting at Left Bank in Larkspur

We are back at the Left Bank! However, instead of meeting on the 2nd Tuesday this month (Valentine’s Day), we are meeting the 3rd Tuesday – February 21st.

Please join us for a delicious meal and networking with other fabulous entrepreneurial women.

This months speaker is Michele Dennis, Producer.

Your marketing plan, your voice 

How to create a successful, authentic marketing plan

As entrepreneurs, it’s up to us to pay attention to our marketing needs… and that can be really intimidating. Unless we have a clear idea of where we fit into our specialized market, and know what our message and mission is, our self-promotion may never reach its full potential. But how do we get to “there” from “here”? Perhaps it is time to revisit how we market our business and consider some changes. 

In this informative talk, media and video producer Michele Dennis will share suggestions on how to define and refine your strengths (and your message) while staying true to yourself. She will also discuss how to explore the various outlets available in today’s market: social media, your website, as well as good old fashioned print… and beyond. 

This is a NOT to be missed speaker! 

Michele has been a video and media producer for decades, having worked with teams for some of the world’s most successful marketing campaigns including the first “Got Milk?“, Cisco’s recent “Bridging Possibilities” campaign, and also micro-campaigns that you may have never heard of, but were equally powerful. In her career she has had an opportunity to examine first-hand what sets up an individual or business for success and how truth, as well as a good message can make all the difference.

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