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‘Trusting Our Inner Wisdom – a Guided Meditation’ with Guest Speaker, Ilani Kopiecki, CMT, CST

Creating business Calm and Clarity

Mindfulness may be simple, but it isn’t always easy. This is because we’re training the mind to do something very different from what it’s used to doing. Typically, our thoughts are all over the map, trotting after sensory input, daydreams, remembrances of the past and projections of the future.

During this mindfulness practice, Energy Medicine Practitioner and author, Ilani Kopiecki will lead us in a guided meditation to train our minds to stay put. The sensory input, daydreams, thoughts and emotions continue as usual, but instead of following them, she will encourage us to remain in the present by focusing on meditational supports such as breathing, physical sensations and sound. Attendees will come away refreshed and renewed with creative ideas applicable to their business (and life).

About The Speaker:   Ilani Kopiecki, CMT, CST and Energy Medicine Practitioner, has been involved in the Healing Arts for over 20 years. Her practice includes remote/distance Energy Medicine, Intuitive Bodywork and CranioSacral Therapy. She is also the Co-Author of Empowered Self Care – Healing Body, Mind and Spirit.


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