Dr. Kirsten Cameron

Psychologist and Executive Coach

I am a psychologist and coach and I work with people who feel stuck in their personal or work lives, helping them create a plan and implement that plan to create a more satisfying life. I hold a PhD in Psychology and an MBA . I also have a personal interest in those who have been affected by childhood trauma and helping them overcome the tendencies that may stem from trauma but hold them back in adulthood.

Dr. Kirsten Cameron, LLC

Website: http://www.kirsten-cameron.com
Email: mcymcdonald@gmail.com
Phone: 415-413-6040

Business 2: Hydronic and Electric Radiant Heat

Radiant Way Inc designs and supplies custom radiant heating systems, using either electric mats or hydronic systems. for residential homes.

Website: http://https//www.radiantwayinc.com
Phone: 415-413-6040

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